Thursday, August 12, 2010

...Two Pit Bulls, One Paper Clip and a lap top to put it all in!

Oh yes another day of attempted uninterrupted writing is almost over it seems. Didn't I just wake up (at 5:00 AM) and get the kids off to school? Went to see my doctor? Did a little cleaning? Write this blog???? And in two hours it will be time to go meet the kids. I swear, the schools need longer hours!

Every day (that might be a lie, but I try!) I sit down and start my writing ritual: make sure I'm wearing my butterfly ankle bracelet (butterflies are symbolic in the story I'm writing), take out my meditation stone, pull out my headphones and pull up my play list of writing and editing music in Media player, and get my cup of coffee. Everything seems right in the world, but oh no, I'm forgetting the three most important things: my writing buddies.

"Who are your writing buddies?" you ask. Well, they are my two Pit Bulls, Vader and Ginger and of course my ever present Mr. Paperclip. Come on now, we all have a Mr. Paper clip in our Microsoft program (or the cute little dog if you've got a newer version). He is always watching me as I write and I often turn to him to see how he feels about the words I have just put on the page. Sometimes he's in-tune with what I'm writing, always paying attention and watching me with ever aware eyes that seem to say, 'Hey that was good!'. Other times when I'm sitting at my lap top, running my fingers over my meditation stone looking for a good idea or struggling to not use the same word for the 50th time on a page,(lol), I look over and he's uncoiled himself and fast asleep on his floating sheet of paper. Sometimes I swear he's looking over at me thinking, 'Oh come on, are you for real? You can do better than that!' But the one thing I can say is that Mr. Paperclip is always faithful, always there. And I can always depend on him to save my work!

And then there are my dogs. They sit beside me faithfully as I type, following me around the house whenever I get up to stretch. Licking my hands when I put them down by my side to take a break, or my feet when they emerge from behind my desk. No matter where me and my lap top go-the kitchen table, the living room sofa, my bedroom or outside on the porch- my dogs are there.

I hope everyone has a writing buddy, you'd be suprised at how they can help you keep your sanity!

BTW, I started to give Mr. Paper Clip a proper name, but decided against it....I mean doing that would mean I was crazy....right??????? LOL!