About Me

Me and New York Times Best Seller, Suzanne Brockmann! 

I am an Amazon Bestselling Author and stay-at-home mom with an over active imagination and lots of stories to tell. Now that my four beautiful children are old enough to be self-sufficient, I have lots of time on my hands! I decided to let the characters that inhabit my imagination tell their stories. 

I have enjoyed meeting talented authors from every walk of life and genre. From New York Times Best Sellers, to amazing Indie Published authors, and the ever brave Self Published authors… and of course the new comers, like me! Along the way, I have learned a lot from them all, and it is my desire to share the tips, tricks, and the what-to and what-not-to do’s.

So sit back, grab a cup of coffee, dig in, and enjoy the ride! Please leave a comment because I love to hear what you think! And if you've learned something new, by all means, SHARE, TWEET, and POST! But most of all, don’t forget to FOLLOW! You never know what you may miss! 

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