The Butterfly Memoirs

What are The Butterfly Memoirs

Butterflies symbolize change, evolution, the shedding of the old and bringing out the new. Some people – women mostly – have marked themselves with colorful butterfly tattoos to commemorate a monumental change in their lives. This is true of the heroines in my stories. Each woman has or is about to experience a turning point in her life that puts her on a path of change. The same applies to the heroes of the stories (except no butterfly tattoos mark their bodies!)

The definition of a memoir is a story or narration told by a person first hand of their personal experiences.

 Hence, The Butterfly Memoirs.
The series is a collection of six stories told by the heroine and hero. It is Multicultural Romance and Women’s Fiction, addressing the realistic trials every woman and man face in a relationship. My goal as a writer is to inspire hope, bring comfort, and encourage anyone who may relate to these characters’ stories.
The first book, A Heart Not Easily Broken, has been three years in the making. It is set for publication this fall through 5 Prince Publishing.  I  look forward to sharing the story of Ebony Campbell and Brian Young.

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