Monday, May 28, 2012

The Beautiful Blogger Award…I think I’m blushing!

I was pleasantly surprised last week when, while reading comment posts on a recent blog, I received notification from a new friend, author Nicky Wells.  She’d tagged This Writer’s Life for the Beautiful Blogger Award. Thanks again Nicky!

The award recognizes a blogs creativity, originality, and overall contribution to the blogging community. Having made it my goal to do those things, I strive to post informative, helpful, and at times entertaining information about writing. Of all the awards I’ve received, I feel this one will be cherished most.

Here are the rules:
·         Post the award on your blog.
·         Nominate twelve of your favorite blogs for the     award.
·         Share seven interesting things about yourself.

First things first, my nominees:

Seven things about me:

  1. I have a fascination with ankle bracelets. Yep, every summer I'm hitting the local hair store to collect bracelets to adorn my ankles. My current one is a mix of butterfly's and purple flowers. Surprised?
  2. I'm a panster turned planner. My writing has greatly improved since making the change and I refuse to go back.
  3. Since becoming a writer, watching television makes my head hurt. I discovered it recently after a LOST marathon began giving me headaches and making me nauseated after 12 hours of brain inactivity. Turns out, I'd rather write for 12 hours instead of vegging out on the couch!
  4. The Sims game is my kryptonite. The game is addictive. I've been avoiding it like the plague for the past three years. If not, my writing may suffer. However, at least twice a year, my fingers ache to play. I have more fun constructing houses and decorating them than playing with the characters. Then again, creating characters based on the attributes of the ones in my book and letting them have free reign has been interesting.
  5. My series, The Butterfly Memoirs, original concept consisted of just three novels based on three roommates. Over time, various attempts at honing my craft led to another set of women (two sisters and one best friend) that have turned into novels 4-6. My creative juices are still flowing, leaving an opening for another three novels based on supporting characters throughout the novels. 
  6. For fun, I enjoy drawing. I'm good with visual recreations of pictures or still life. I haven't tried creating my own originals. Guess those juices have all turned to writing!
  7. My first attempts at creativity lead to studying the art of Floral Design. I've designed custom arrangements for weddings, parties, and home interior designs. I have a portfolio that I love to share. Unable to afford to follow that dream (people didn't want to pay the prices, no matter how affordable I made them) I turned to writing. After all, imagination, pen, paper, and a laptop are commodities that don't have to be brought. The heroine in my fourth novel is loosely based on my experiences as a floral designer. (Below are some of my favorite arrangements I've made from my portfolio).

 Whew! Now that that’s done, it’s back to editing this week’s blog post to come on Wednesday, All Telling and No Showing Do NOT a Good Tale Make! Be sure to stop back by!


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