Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Lucky 7 MEME Award- Yay!

Today my blog was nominated for the Lucky 7 MEME award by my dear friend and fellow author, Sharon Cooper. Thank you so much for thinking of me, and congratulations on your new book coming out this month, Something New. Be sure to stop by her blog and take a sneak peak at the excerpt !

 So, here are the rules to this award:

·         Go to page 77 of your manuscript (or any part of your written work)
·         Go to line 7
·         Copy the next 7 lines, sentences, or paragraphs into your post
·         Give the award to 7 more writers and let them know!

So, I happily give the honors to the following authors/bloggers:

Debbie Brown: amethyesteyesauthor.com
Darin Calhoun: DarinCalhoune.com 
Stacy Green: stacygreenauthor.com
Abigail Tinuviel: Worlds Before the Door
Donna McBroom-Theriot: My Life. One Story at a Time

Well, first comes the fun part, sharing an excerpt of the story. A Heart Not Easily Broken is currently in the querying stage.  If you haven't read the first chapter, stop by and check it out to familiarize yourself with the main characters, Ebony Campbell and Brian Young. 

Now, on to page 77, line 7, and the next seven paragraphs. Enjoy! 

A day spent with no strings, no commitment, no expectations, and no sex. Just two adults enjoying each other’s company in a public setting. After all, in order to become friends, you needed to spend time together.

He’d be there. I’d show up. That’s it.

I headed upstairs, grabbed my phone, and sent him a text message. Deciding what to wear should not have been hard, yet I found myself unable to decide on shorts or jeans. I didn’t want to wear the same thing twice.

Five minutes passed with no reply. Could he have changed his mind about going? Or worse, found someone else willing to jump at the opportunity to spend the evening with him? Maybe I shouldn’t have waited to decide.

I grabbed my phone and flopped onto the bed unable to ignore the pain of disappointment. I was about to send a message to cancel when my phone chimed.

glad u changed ur mind. c u there.

An unexpected feeling of warmth spread through me from head to toe.

Thank god Ebony was at a decision making point in the story and not in the middle of some random thought! Her decision leads to the novel's first kiss, which is told from Brian's POV. To read a snippet of that scene, visit this blog post on fellow author, Carmen DeSousa's, blog post, Ah, the first kiss, is there anything better, and you'll find it and other great first-kiss scenes! 

 For more information about A Heart Not Easily Broken and The Butterfly Memoirs, visit the Butterfly Blog and follow on Twitter

As always, thanks for stopping by! 


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