Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Now That's Gangsta!!!!

I saw this on the new last night and I must say, I was impressed.


Now what this family has done was not right, but can you blame them for trying to put a roof over the heads of their kids?

I have no idea what this families financial situation is, or why they chose to go that route. What I do know is that this has got to be the most gangsta move I ever heard of! The fact that they doctored paperwork in order to get the kids enrolled in school AND have the electricity turned on.....man. If you've ever had to move during the school year or at all for that manner, you know what type of paperwork is needed to make things happen.

The fact that this family has been living in this house since December is amazing. When the news report came on, I assumed the family had been living there since, oh say, the first of this month. It's now March 1st. They've managed to make it for nearly three months. Wow. If you've ever had to deal with the legal system and a dispossessory notice, you know that once that piece of paper hits your door, you've got a limited amount of time to find somewhere else to live before the Sheriff comes and offers their unsolicited help in moving your belongings. According to the reporter, since the house is no longer owned by the builder and is now owned by the bank, no one rushed to file the proper paper work to have them move. It's amazing how some people can completely beat the system and drag stuff out while hard working people can scrimp and scrap their last dime together and have the door nob hit them in the unmentionables without one word of apology. *shakes head*

Well, when all is said and done, at least these people did not hurt anyone with what they did. What would I have done that would have been different? Find a home in a much smaller community that has been abandoned for some time. Clean it up, take care of it and the neighbors would more than likely thank you for taking care of the community eye sore instead of reporting you. In fact, there's a few homes like that where I live. LOL.......